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13th ICTPI - International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation
[08-09 Sep 2011]

>> Both developed and developing countries are facing great challenges in terms of their capacity to participate in the Global Knowledge Economy. In response to this challenge, governments and civil society, at both the national and the regional-local levels, are formulating strategies and policies to foster technological change and innovation as a key factor in promoting economic growth and improved social wellbeing. 
The main theme of the 13th ICTPI Conference - Building a National Innovation Strategy in a Globally Networked Economy – seeks to review and analyze what we have learned from these experiences. 
>> The main themes of the Conference:
  • Lessons learned from recent National Innovation Strategies
  • Funding Strategies for Innovation
  • Regulations in the Global Networked Economy and its impact on innovation 
  • Technological trends that shape the context in which innovation takes place
  • The territorial dimension: Building Regional Innovation Systems
  • The sectorial dimension: Promoting innovation in the agricultural-rural sector
  • The sectorial dimension: Promoting innovation in the service sector
  • Education and Social Innovation

08-09 September 2011

Hotel Marriot Bogotá
Av El dorado # 69B – 53
Bogotá, Colombia


13th ICTPI-2011 Secretariat
Tel.: (57-1)297-0200, ext. 7716 & 7711

[Organizer: AUEE de Bogotá]


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