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"WIPO Guide on Managing Intellectual Property for Museums"

By Rina Elster Pantalony 

In industrialized countries, it has been the pervasive and traditional point of view held by the cultural heritage community that they are users and not owners of Intellectual Property (IP).

With the advent of new technologies, however, these same museums are now faced with a shift in perception from within their own community. That is, there is a growing awareness of the importance that IP plays in being able to share knowledge, provide access to collections, and preserve and manage collections.

The World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO recognized a growing need in the cultural heritage community and thus, commissioned this publication to address its needs



 Part I:    
Defining Intellectual Property and Identifying Appropriate Management Practices for Museums 
Is Intellectual Property the Carrot or the Stick?
The Basics of Intellectual Property
Defining Intellectual Property for Museums
Intellectual Property Management for Museums
   Part II: Business Opportunities
Participating in the Experience Economy 
  6. Business Opportunities for Museums
  7. Resources



[Source: World Intellectual Propertry Organization - WIPO]