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ETP Nanomedicine

The Challenge

>> The understanding of the functioning of the human body at the nano-level together with discovering of how to intervene at pre-symptomatic and acute or chronic stage of an illness is of utmost importance to fulfil these expectations.

>> At present Europe has a strong position in the novel area of NanoMedicine, using nanotechnology for medical applications. Industry starts to take up these promising opportunities. Nevertheless, the area of NanoMedicine is quite fragmented and will strongly benefit from a co-ordination at European level.

>> NanoMedicine, for the purpose of the vision document, is defined as the application of Nanotechnology to Health. It exploits the improved and often novel physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials at the nanometric scale. NanoMedicine has potential impact on the prevention, early and reliable diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

>> An important initiative, led by industry, has been set up together with the European Commission. A group of 53 European stakeholders, composed of industrial and academic experts, has established a European Technology Platform on nanomedicine. The first task of this high level group was to write a vision document for this highly future-oriented area of nanotechnology-based healthcare in which experts describe an extrapolation of needs and possibilities until 2020.

>> Beginning of 2006 this Platform has been opened to a wider participation (December 2006: 150 member organisations) and has delivered a so-called Strategic Research Agenda showing a well elaborated common European way of working together for the healthcare of the future trying to match the high expectations that nanomedicine has raised so far.


>> Roadmap


Roadmaps in Nanomedicine Towards 2020

DETAILS  pp 1-48, 2009
TOC's  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Drug Delivery
  5. Regenerative Medicine



>>  Strategic Research Agenda


Strategic Research Agenda for Nanomedicine

DETAILS  pp 1-45, 2006
TOC's  1. Introduction
  2. Technology Development driven by Healthcare Needs
  3. Providing the Environment to Facilitate Nanomedicine
  4. Making it Happen


>>  Vision Paper


TITLE  Vision Paper and Basis for a Strategic Research Agenda for NanoMedicine
DETAILS  pp 1-40, 2005
TOC's  1. Introduction
  2. Societal Impact
  3. Economic Impact
  4. Nanotechnology-based Diagnostics including Imaging
  5. Targeted Drug Delivery and Release
  6. Regenerative Medicine
  7. Regulatory Issues and Risk Assessment  
  8. Ethical Issues
  9. NanoMedicine: The bigger picture   




[ CORDIS: Nanotechnology: Action Plan]

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