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Inside the Seventh Framework Programme
A special Issue from EC


In this special edition of RTDinfo, a series of ‘internal' and ‘external' interviews cover a variety of diverse topics, such as the history of research supported by the European Union, the objectives of the European Research Council, and the total integration of the international dimension within the Seventh Framework Programme.

Analyses of Chinese, Japanese and Russian partners, firm proposals from the American essayist Jeremy Rifkin, a review of a new work on the European research policy, and several statements from project participants form the basis of this edition.


TOCs p. 2  Editorial
  p. 4  Building the ERA of knowledge and growth
  p. 6  A new framework for European research

p. 9

 The 7th FP in the history of European research

p. 14

  European Research Council: scientific excellence only 
  p. 16   A new deal for European research
  p. 19   Hydrogen revolution: the next great European project

p. 23

  International cooperation, the cornerstone of the 7th FP 

p. 25

  China-EU Science & Technology Year 

p. 28

 "East meets West: Japan reforms its research system

p. 30

  Russia and the EU: reinforcing collaboration in R&D 

p. 32

  PReVENTion is better than cure


p. 34

  Right on track 

p. 35

  Oceans: the Final Frontier 
  p. 36   Loud and clear  

[source: RTDinfo: special edition - June 2007-European Commission]

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