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Events20142006<Β>External Events - 2006September

EAAOP-1 : First European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes

7-9 September 2006, Chania-Crete, Greece


The objective of the conference is to bring together scientists, engineers and other environmental professionals to present their findings and discuss future trends and directions concerning various environmental applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) .

The presentations will focus on the scientific and technological advances of AOPs for the remediation of surface water, drinking water, groundwater, municipal, industrial and agro-industrial wastewater, air and soil contaminated with various recalcitrant compounds, either alone or in conjunction with other processes.


  • Process fundamentals
  • Reaction kinetics & mechanistic modelling
  • UV-based processes
  • Semi-conductor photocatalysis
  • Fenton processes
  • Radiation processes
  • Ozonation technologies
  • Electrochemical processes
  • Wet air oxidation processes
  • Coupling AOPs with physical & biological processes
  • AOPs for water and groundwater treatment
  • AOPs for odour and VOC control
  • AOPs for soil remediation
  • Disinfection
  • Field applications
  • New technology trends
  • Case studies with emphasis on agro-industrial wastewater treatment


 The Conference will take place at  MINOA-PALACE HOTEL, at the Gerani resort area of Chania



Conference Secretariat

1st European Conference on EAAOP
Dept. of Environmental Engineering,
Technical University of Crete,
GR-73100 Chania , Greece

Tel: +3028210-37802 or 37797

Fax: +3028210-37852