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European Robotics Platform - EUROP

>> The ambition of EUROP is to permit Europe to maintain its leading position in robotics and develop new companies and supply networks to meet the new technological needs.

 >> Vision:

  • Maintain leadership in industrial robotics
  •  Take the lead in service and security markets
  •  Develop a European robotics supply chain
  •  Ensure public and personal security
  • Improve quality of life and expand scientific endeavours 

>> Goals:

  • Promote European Robotics
  • Provide networking support for the European robotics community
  • Develop the Strategic Research Agenda of European Robotics and ensure its high quality and endorsement

>>  Strategic Research Agenda 



Strategic Research Agenda - Robotic Visions to 2020 and  beyond

DETAILS  pp 1-40, 2009



Product visions & application scenarios

  Application requirements
  Conclusions - Contributors